Allison "Allie" Maddox is the silently-appointed and uncontested leader of the Atlanta combine, ruling on authority alone. Once a peppy sorority girl and college student majoring in computer science, Dead Day falls on the Monday before her university graduation.

Allie is known for her cold and calculating demeanor towards most of the group members and her resolve in enforcing the code, both of which make her disliked by the majority of the group.


Before Dead DayEdit

Allie lived in her sorority house on campus and shared a room with her little sister. She was set to graduate in May, on the Saturday after Dead Day . Little is known about Allie before Dead Day beyond her former personality and her involvement in her sorority as its Treasurer; she told Jordan she would never go back to her sorority house for fear of "seeing her little sister again".

She frequently communicated with her brother who was still in high school and often bought him alcohol for his house parties when their parents were away. Her attachment to her family led her on her trip up the highway.

Meeting Jordan and JillEdit

Jordan and Jill let Allie in to the gun store they were holding out in after seeing her shoot well versus the zombies in the surrounding alleyway. She introduces herself as Allison and is wearing makeup at the time. She shows them how to scavenge for food at the Publix she used to live in where she pockets some mascara and concealer. After wolves creep in to the city to investigate the rotting meat in the supermarkets, she convinces them to make the trip with her to her parents' house in Alpharetta. She gains the nickname 'Allie' from Jordan when he shortens it over the walkie talkie in a panic.

Jordan and Jill decide to go back into the city after a horde of shamblers almost overwhelm them. Undeterred, Allie demands her share of food and munitions before continuing to Alpharetta on her own.

The Trip HomeEdit

Allie emerges from the highway tired and starving from exhausting her food supplies two days prior; she raids an Indian grocery store and eats a can of sweet peppers and an entire box of dry pasta before passing out in the aisle. When she wakes up, she restocks on canned food and begins hiking towards her house, passing by a grisly sight at the church she attended in her youth which prompts her to cry. She finds her house barricaded and mostly clean, and breaks in using the garage windows that she and her brother used to sneak out past curfew. She hears something in the house and is to afraid to call out and ask if it is her father so she slips into the basement, where their doomsday shelter was in hopes real people will be there. She finds her brother Sullivan lashed to a tarp on the pool table with sheets around his legs and food wrappers around his head, barely conscious.

He confesses to her he is going to die despite her insistence on carrying him out, and he tells her to be quiet or her dad will hear. He tells her their father has fed both of his legs to his mother, who succumbed to the rabies. Before he dies in her arms, he whispers to her that she is alone, and says, "Alive, always. Smart, always. Together, always. In that order."

Sobbing, she takes the hatchet leaning up against the wall and reluctantly goes upstairs to meet her father, who runs to hug her but she shoves him off, asking him to answer her for what he did to Sullivan. He tells her the world has changed and this is how things must be, telling her Sullivan tried to take his gun away from him when the zombies came through the door, and he shot him in the leg in the ensuing struggle. Her dad managed to hold of the assault but her mother got bit; to stave off gangrene Sullivan cut his foot off and cauterized it with a hot knife, and his father smuggles the foot to the mother for food. Sullivan, no longer able to move off the table, is at his father's perverse mercy. Allie tells her father that her mother was dead from the moment she was bit and he owed her the mercy of shooting her, then orders her father to shoot her mother immediately. He takes his pistol and goes in to the master bedroom, and shoots the mother and himself dead. Allie uses the hatchet to break down the door barricade and grabs the bike tied to the mailbox, and sprint-pedals back to the highway, passing several shamblers as she goes.

Reunion with Jordan, Jill, and the groupEdit

Jordan, wounded in a shoot-out against resource rivals in Lenox plaza, drags himself into an elevator where he plans to bleed out in silence. Allie, fresh off the highway, discovers him moments before the roving gang is pushed back inside the building due to zombies, and the two watch from an upper window as Sidney refuses to let the group go home until Jordan is rescued. Allie cuts the elevator release causing the elevator to fall six floors to the bottom, where the impact shatters all the glass windows, allowing the shamblers to overwhelm the opposing gang. Allie scraps two fire ladders and belays herself and then Jordan down the side of the building, where they dodge shamblers and reunite with Jill; Jill and Allie haul Jordan off to the safehouse in a gas station by the highway.

There, Allie criticizes Sidney's leadership decision to jeopardize the lives of the group to save Jordan, who reluctantly agrees that Sidney should have moved on without him. Slowly, Sidney begins to see how adept Allie is at making decisions of behalf of the group in this harsh world, and starts to defer to her as well, solidifying her control of the group and her position within it as the leader.

Allie teaches them all the code, which they decide is the best way to continue on given the circumstances though her ways of enforcing it initially caused friction between her and some group members, led by Sidney. Sidney begins to contemplate a coup, but Allie shows signs of softening: she allows Jameson to commit suicide instead of answering to his second, she entertains the idea of moving to a farm and beginning academic lessons for Jesse and Malachi, and accepts Kemper into the group despite internal pleadings to execute him.

When a rival gang sets off flash and noise bombs around the perimeter of their new compound in Fernbank, Allie is bitten many times in the defending battle. She bandages her wounds and accepts her last munitions as the group watches from afar, before setting off alone out in the woods.

The rival gang intercepts her and tortures her for information about the security and status of the combine she came from; when they fail to extract any answers from her, they nail her to the church pew closest to the altar, retreat to the balcony, and open the doors to let the hordes of zombies in to devour her. The zombies wander in but none attack her--Dom theorizes it's because she is turning into one--so the gang tosses her a walkie talkie to investigate. She turns it to the combine's frequency and sends them a short breathy message before passing out, arm still nailed in place.

Sidney gets the message, and the group unanimously votes to avenge Allie by killing the gang members, then killing her, and burying her as per her habit for others. Sidney and the gunners use the last of the gasoline in the motorcycles to speed out to the church, where they annihilate the shambles and summarily execute the gang members by throwing them to the horde. Just as they arrive on the bottom floor to clear it and take back Allie's body, she awakens and rips her arm off of the pew, nails intact, and helps her group kill the shamblers in the church. She collapses in Sidney and Jordan's arms, asking them why they came back and Sidney demands that she remove 'in that order' from the end of the code. She agrees, only on the condition that she is still allive in the morning and if she isn't, Sidney must be her second.

She, Sidney, Russ, and Jordan sit vigil in the barricaded top chamber of the complex. Eventually, all four of them fall asleep; Sidney and Russ stir awake and draw guns on Allie, who shares a smile with Jordan, knowning that she is not infected because all of them felt safe enough around her to fall asleep.

Epilogue (spoilers)Edit

Allie dies of long-term trauma related to her wounds on the day of the first harvest; at her request, she is cremated to prevent spreading of the disease and buried in the fallow fields. Sidney gives her eulogy and places a cross made of the nails from her arm over her ashes, and ends with the lyrics,

"These fleeting charms of earth, your springs of joy are dry

My soul now seeks another home, a brighter world on high

Farewell, kind friends whose tender care has long egaged my love

Your fond embrace I now exchange for heavenly friends above

I'm a long time traveller here below, I'm a long time travelling away from home

I'm a long time travelling here below to lay this body down

Allison Maddox

A leader, a shepherd"

It is rumoured that Allie was immune to the disease or rabies virus but no follow up biological testing was ever done to see if it was true. The children who hear stories of her in the future still debate over whether or not she was actually immune, though Jordan cites she was "spared". She has no living offspring but put her vote in for Sidney to succeed her, a choice which the rest of the group supports.


Completely hardened by what she encountered on her exodus, Allie seems to operate by the code on all matters of life, keeping to herself at the combine with various administrative tasks and performing ruthlessly in combat. She fails to understand personal matters and cannot put them in perspective. This, along with her lone interpretation of the code as justification for shooting Ben after he revealed his bite mark, has made her initially disliked by the group. Eventually, she is recognized for her efforts in protecting the combine and many people side with her in hopes her view can be abandoned for the future someday.

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