Jordan Kipp is the domestic keeper of the group and is responsible for rationing food and handling all personal matters all upset the group. Along with Jill, Jordan knew the former Allie before her exodus up the highway and sympathizes with her most of the time after her return. He was shot in the wrist in a run-in with the rivals, and he never draws a gun again, favouring bats and hatchets like his leader. He was openly gay before Dead Day but takes on an androgynous personality after seeing the meaninglessness of the gay/straight debate in the wake of the rabies outbreak.

History Edit

Before Dead DayEdit

Jordan was participating in an activist rally protesting a ban on gay marriage when Dead Day fell; despite police and news urgings for the activists to move out of Woodruff Park after several documented run-ins with the rabid shamblers, Jordan believed it to be a hoax attempting to break up the protest and stayed anyway. The park was soon overwhelmed by shamblers and he survived by burying himself in dead bodies. He saved Jill from a shambler by jumping on its back, and the two holed up in the gun store before Allie found them.

Jordan studied economics in college and moved from Maine to get his masters in industrial management at Georgia State; he uses his math and organizational skills to ration out food and chores. He studies nutrition after Dead Day and his contribution to the group is clearly visible when they come across a combine that starved to death after the shooters grew too weak to scavenge for food.

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