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In the wake of a massive-scale rabies outbreak, the world has collapsed and small pockets of civilization teeter on the brink of oblivion; these solemn few must make choices that challenge the moral contexts of right and wrong and force themselves to scrape together hope to last the siege.

Allie Maddox, a sure but heartless leader of a group of survivors, shoulders the burden of decision-making in these hard times, a process that has left her emotionally dead and cold in the blistering Atlanta summer. She believes in a distant future of quiet peace but sees no happiness in the journey towards it--something that never fails to spark controversy with her followers and enemies--and is a shining example of psychological adaption amongst her comrades, who are torn between seeing her as a way into a new life or just as dead as the shamblers patrolling the land beyond their safe house.

All content on this wiki is the intellectual property of Leah Dessin, (c) 2010.

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