"Alive, always.

Smart, always.

Together, always.

In that order."

- Sullivan Maddox

The code is a parable of words that the group uses to make decisions in and out of the heat of combat. The code has several implications that dictate behavior in important and tense situations where rationality is prioritized above morality.


Sullivan Maddox whispered the code to his sister as he died in her arms from brutalities inflincted upon him by their father. Allie uses it to justify the means for her behavior in protecting the combine in Atlanta.


  1. Death begins at the moment one is bitten; your life is forfeit and you are expected to die with honor (suicide or by second) and not return to spread it at the combine.
  2. Some may be left behind so that many my live.
  3. We are all together as one, and so we shall stay. All within are welcome.

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